What Halloween Means to Me

I love Halloween.  Haunted houses, mazes, pumpkins, cool fall breezes, and of course candy.  But what does Halloween mean to me?  Why, it means my favorite Stephen Lynch song of course!  I linked a couple of youtube videos for your Halloween enjoyment (I’m too cheap to purchase the upgrade that would allow me to post them directly to the blog.  Maybe one day…).  No copyright infringement is intended.

First, we have the all time classic, and my personal favorite, the “Halloween Song.”  If you haven’t heard it, here’s a gem of a line: “Letting the children inside to drink beers. Razor blades hidden in Three Musketeers.  Screams from the basement of kids begging to be set free.  That’s what Halloween means to me.”  And my other favorite line:  “A pinch of your brother a teaspoon of you, with the head of your sister would make a good stew.  I’d give you a taste but your tongue’s in the stew, irony.  That’s what Halloween means to me.”

Next, I give you “Beelz.”  Not exactly a Halloween song, but close enough.  My favorite lyrics:

My real name is Beelzebub, but you can call me Beelz
I love to watch Fox news and then go club some baby seals
Then I’ll take a bubble bath and drink a zinfandel
Try to wash off that baby seal smell
And then I’ll make a toast to me
Hey, here’s to my hell…th
My name is Satan. Ah Hah!

To carry on my evil ways I went and had a son
And now he makes his living as a singing comedian
I’m in every Zeppelin album
I’m in all Rush Limbaugh’s rants
I’m the reason that the Boston Red Sox even had a chance

Hope you enjoy! 

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