Cloud of Cough Syrup Induced Crazy

After a hiatus for the holidays, I’m ready to get going on my writing again.  I tried to write over the last few weeks, but my brain just didn’t want to get in gear.  I think it was a mix of all of the food/goodies making me want nothing more than a nap and of all the rest of my brain power being used for planning/packing for trips and buying gifts.  I kept saying “as soon as the new year starts, I’m going to get back on a good pace”, and I meant it, but unfortunately, my year has kicked off with a cold.  Sore throat, bubbly head, stuffy nose.  Instead of writing, all I want to do is lie down and nap.

The frustrating thing about it is that I recently came up with a new story idea.  Plot lines and characters and whole chapters have been scrolling through my head, itching to get put down on paper.  The mixture of cold medicine and coffee that’s keeping me going right now can’t be conducive to writing though.  I’m afraid what will come out will look like Lewis Carroll crossed with Hunter S. Thompson.  Of course, that combination of wackiness and crazy might end up being genius…or, more likely, it would just be incoherent ramblings (much like this post I’m afraid) and the story I have in my head would get all crossed up and come out wrong.  I have this image of my characters’ arms coming off their heads and mouths on their legs, their eyes boring into mine imploring “Why?  Why did you do this to us? We had such promise!”.  See?  That’s exactly the type of strange writing I’m afraid will come out right now.

So, dear writer friends, what do you do when you’re sick?  Do you push through the cloud of cough syrup induced crazy and write anyway?  Do you plot?  Outline?  Or curl up under a blanket and wait until you’re well again?

3 thoughts on “Cloud of Cough Syrup Induced Crazy

  1. To be honest, when I’m sick and want to write I just sit there and stare at the screen hoping and trying to write something. The beauty is, even when it’s a bunch of shit, you wrote something and you can rewrite it later 🙂

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