Feed Me Seymour!

Tomorrow is a day I’ve been dreading.  I’m having knee surgery.  Last night I tried to convince my husband I don’t need it and will be fine.  He then reminded me I can’t walk around the block without limping.  I’ve already had it once, but have had lingering issues, so here I go again.

It’s not really the surgery I fear. I mean, I won’t know what’s going on most the time, then I’ll be drugged to high heaven the rest of the day.  I’m dreading the recovery.  Physical therapy *shudders*, and having to rely on others.  I’m a VERY independent person.  For the next few weeks though, I won’t be able to drive myself because it’s my right knee and I drive a sedan.  I’ll need help carrying things, and won’t be able to do all the little normal things on my own.  Last time, it drove me crazy!

I’m also not looking forward to a week on the couch.  Well, that’s what the doctors said.  I’m planning on a couple days at home then returning to work by the middle of next week.  I love down time as much as the next guy, but a whole week unable to do anything?  Ugh.  I’ll be bored out of my mind.

So, I’m taking reading suggestions.  Something to stave off boredom while I’m immobile and while I’m sitting in waiting rooms.  Right now, I’m re-reading “A Wrinkle in Time” (I’d forgotten how much I love this book!).  In the queue is “A Wind in the Door” then “11/22/63” by Stephen King.  I’m a fast reader though, and will have a lot of time on my hands, so I don’t know if those are going to be enough to satiate my hunger for books.  I may take a trip to Barnes and Noble later and browse–partially to get some new books (yay!) and partially to enjoy my last day of autonomy.  Any suggestions?  What are you reading right now?  As Audrey II said in “Little Shop of Horrors”: “Feed me Seymour!”

6 thoughts on “Feed Me Seymour!

  1. Have you read the Passage by Justin Cronin? I just re-read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and enjoyed it again for the fourth time. I would also highly recommend By the Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz or the Descent by Jeff Long. Just some suggestions, and I bet you can see where my tastes lay.

    It can’t be that bad having your hubby pampering you for a few days? Unless there’s a spider…………….:)! I hope that I was allowed to say that.;)

    • Haha, I think I’ll buy him some bug spray before I go under the knife.

      Those are all good suggestions. I’ve been wanting to read “Ender’s Game” for a while, maybe I’ll finally pick it up…

  2. I am sure the knee surgery is gonna go fine and you’ll be good soon, be strong
    perhaps a travel book may be of help to keep your mind moving while your body is resting
    let us know about the surgery

    • I totally thought I replied earlier and for some reason it didn’t go through. Thanks! I’m healing nicely. Only another week or so in the brace, yay!

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