Randomness #4- Anniversary!

Today is my four year wedding anniversary, and I’m so excited I decided to blog about it! I’m also excited because he’s been out of town all week and comes back today! (We have a firm agreement that we will not spend our anniversary apart). It’s not like four years is a milestone or anything. In fact, it’s really not even that long, I suppose. But I thought it was fitting for my fourth random post. And, it’s a big deal to me because growing up, I never wanted to get married. Ever.

I had a plan. From the time I was four years old (coincidentally keeping with my “four” theme today, ha!), I had my life planned. Yeah, I was that kid. I was going to attend Gadsden High, where my parents went, then I’d go to Auburn University, then Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine, then I’d move to Florida and leave near the beach and work on all animals but specialize in race horses, so I’d be able to attend the Kentucky Derby every year, then I’d write novels based on my experiences a la James Herriot, and I would do it all on my own. Sure, I’d date, but I definitely would never, ever get married (badgers? we don’t need no stinking badgers!) and absolutely under no circumstances would I have kids.

Well, the plan didn’t work out, as a four-year-old’s plans are wont to do. (I forgot to mention, I was also going to be a lion tamer, ballerina, and astronaut as well, all simultaneously. Four year old me was awesome!). I didn’t go to Gadsden High, did go to Auburn and majored in Animal Science, but Vet school didn’t happen (organic chemistry *shudders*). So my last year of college I tweaked the plan. I’d gotten into law school on kind of a whim, so I’d be a lawyer, live by the beach in Florida, and I’d just own horses and make enough to attend the Derby and I would write books about a vet who gets into sticky situations and gets help from a lawyer and they solve mysteries together and fall in love a la Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown.

Then I met a guy. I’d just gotten out of a terrible three year relationship. I dropped him like a bad habit not just because he sucked and it wasn’t working, but also because I knew he was going to propose after my college graduation, and I knew I’d say no. So I was newly single and this guy who had been chasing after me for months (he absolutely didn’t care that I had a boyfriend, ha) asked me out. I didn’t want to date him. I didn’t even like talking to him and literally hid when I saw him. But, I have a hard time giving people bad news. (I would make a horrible HR director! No way could I fire folks). Unable to hurt his feelings and turn him down, I said yes. At the very least I would get a free meal out of it (I paid my own way through college and was completely broke-so yeah, I was that girl), then I would be moving shortly for school and wouldn’t have to see him anymore.

But the date was amazing. Okay, the date itself was terrible. He took me to see the college production of “A Comedy of Errors”…set in space. It was weird. He was fun though. We talked and connected and next thing I knew, I liked him. Two weeks later, I knew I loved him. That’s all it took. Two weeks of dating and he told me he wanted to marry me. No, he didn’t propose or anything. We dated two years before he popped the question and were engaged for another full year. April 29 made seven years we’ve been together (and not a single day has gone by in that seven years that we haven’t talked. Every day. And I hate talking on the phone). Today we’ve been married for four, but it feels like I’ve known him, like we’ve been a part of each other, forever.

All my plans changed again when I met my hubby. I don’t live by the beach, and I don’t own horses (yet), I haven’t been to the Derby (yet), and I’m writing YA and MG books a la me, and I’m not doing it all on my own. I’m working with a partner and it’s better than I could have ever imagined.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

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