Randomness #6- I’m Pretty Much Rambo

Several months ago, I wrote about Hubby’s fear of spiders and our incident with a black widow. Well, guess what we found in our garage last weekend?

Yup. Black widows. Tons of them! Under bags of mulch, in the corners, in boxes. Even in between the frame for the garage door and the wall. Hubby was obviously freaked. I’ll admit, even I was a bit unnerved. The black widow is the fourth most poisonous spider in the world. And we have an infestation.

Friday night, upon making this freaky discovery, we armed ourselves with a bottle of spider spray and attacked. Until we ran out, at which point, we raced to Lowe’s and bought more, raced back home and sprayed away…only to be enveloped in a cloud of poison. Yeah, we weren’t impressed with what we’d bought. The first stuff came out in a nice stream and took the little devils down. The new bottle embraced them in a fluffy cloud of death and rocked them into a gentle, but final slumber. Not exactly my idea of spider genocide. I’m not an arachnophobe but if I’m going to take them down, I want it to be swift and brutal, you know?

Hubby did surprisingly well, I might add. Offering to kill the little monsters himself (and of course jumping back and screaming whenever he saw one whilst spraying the poison like crazy). We finally gave up and got some sleep, resolving to try Home Depot for a different spray in the morning. Sleep didn’t come easy that night. My mind kept feeling spiders crawling across me, and then black widows crawled through my dreams.

Home Depot still didn’t have the great spray we loved, and we couldn’t decide which other kind to get. So we got two. A small bottle, and a giant couple gallon bottle with a long spray nozzle to reach in the corners. Armed and ready, we stalked back in the garage to uncover our prey.

All in all, I’d say we killed at least thirty of them before we realized what we really need to do is clean out the garage. So guess what we’re doing tomorrow? Hopefully, that will finish the job.

But, wait! That wasn’t our only trial of the weekend. We have an outdoor outlet on our back porch. It’s conveniently covered with a lovely lid that snaps shut to keep out the elements. Sounds great right? I thought so too. Until we discovered the wasps that also decided it was lovely and built a giant nest there. It took up the entire double outlet box. And that nice little latch? Meant we could only open it by hand.

Did I mention that Hubby is more afraid of wasps than spiders? I came home one day to find him cutting the grass with a can of wasp spray in one hand, pushing the lawnmower with the other because he’d seen one wasp.

They don’t bother me, so I undertook the task to eliminate them. (I might add that I’m terrified of roaches, rats/mice, and snakes–we all have our things). The problem was getting the outlet open. After pondering for weeks, Hubby finally found an old hoe and duct taped a hooked metal pipe to it. Oh yeah.

He stood inside the back door, ready to slam it if the wasps flew in. I had to make him move away before he slammed me! I balanced our new device in one hand and the spray in the other and after several tries, managed to pop the lid open and spray like crazy. You wouldn’t believe the carnage! And the nest was ginormous! I took a picture, but it’s a bit blurry.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty proud of myself. I wreaked bloody havoc on murderous creatures. For weeks to come, my name will be whispered in hushed tones in wasp and spider circles. At least that’s what I thought. More wasps have returned to outlet and have started to rebuild. Now, not only do I have to eliminate them again, but I’ve got to find a way to keep them from coming back. If you have any ideas, I’m open.

I’m still allowing myself to feel like Rambo though. Prepare yourselves critters. I’m ready for battle.

2 thoughts on “Randomness #6- I’m Pretty Much Rambo

  1. I’m firmly in the anti-spider camp. As for wasps, when I was renting a room in an old farmhouse during graduate school I had wasps in my bathroom so I bought a jet-stream-dispensing wasp killer, stood outside the bathroom door and fired (no aim) until the entire wall was a foamy mess. No wasps though. Well done battling the bugs!

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