I’m an author, writing, editing, revising, and always counting words. I’m represented by the amazing Mandy Hubbard at Emerald City Literary Agency. My debut novel, DEVILS WITHIN, is scheduled for release in spring 2017 with Sky Pony Press. If you haven’t already, check out my shiny new website where I talk more about it.

The header of this blog is from a book on my own bookcase.  I love old books.  The feel, the smell, the appearance. Everything about an old book is wonderful. My background image is the field in my backyard. It may seem like an odd choice for a writing blog, but wordencounters is about more than just writing, it’s about my encounters with my world, so I decided to give readers a window, thus the field I love and see every day.

People have asked me, “why do you write?” The most obvious answer is because I can’t NOT write.  Stories live within me that beg to be put to paper.  My fingers itch to type and weave a tale, to change someone’s perspective on the world, to transport someone else to another world, another place, another time, just like all of my favorites have done for me over the years.  Even when I’m not writing I narrate the world around me.  I see a character in everyone I meet.  A setting for a scene in every place I visit.  I write, because I can think of no greater joy than for my words to affect someone else the way Christie, King, Grisham, Golding, Orwell, Zindel, and countless others have affected me.


Everything I post on this blog is copyrighted © S.F. Henson 2016 unless otherwise stated.

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